The Top 10 Kosher Caterers In Brooklyn

We’ve created our list of the top Kosher catering companies in Brooklyn just for you!

As 2019 comes to a close, there has been some much to celebrate. Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs and more.

Having the right caterer can make or break your event!  As they say, food makes the mood. That’s why our team has compiled a list of our top 10 catering companies in Brooklyn to end off the year! 

Some of them you may know, while others might surprise you!

Enjoy our list and let’s bring in 2020 with more joy and Simcha!

This list was comprised by our party planning experts on the Gosimcha team who have experienced events done by all vendors listed here!  

1.) Zami Caterers 

We love Zami Caterers, they are our number 1 choice when it comes to Kosher Catering in Brooklyn, New York. 

Zami Caterers is a highly experienced and well trusted kosher catering company, with excellent emphasis to details,

Zami Caterers brooklyn kosher catering

 specializing in off-premises Glatt kosher catering and event management.

The New York based company, operating since 1999, provides affordable full-service catering for Weddings, Engagement parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Brit Mila, Shabbat or any other Jewish family occasion.

 Zami Caterers will serve your Simcha with The Best Kosher Can Get!

You can learn more or get in touch with Zami Caterers by visiting them on here:


2.) Kasbah Prime

Kasbah Prime, is one of Brooklyn’s oldest and most established catering companies. 

They have been around since the 1980s and are family owned and run. Giving that personal home-style touch to every event they do,

We became big fans of Kasbah Prime, when we discovered the amazing menus and presentation! 

If you are looking for something different to spice up your next Simcha, Kasbah prime is our number 2 pick for the best catering company in Brooklyn.

Kasbah PrimEvent by kasbah prime kosher catering Brooklyne Kosher Catering specializes in to bring the best-customized Kosher catering to religious celebrations, such as Catering for Wedding, Catering for Bar Mitzvah, Catering for Bat Mitzvah, and Catering for Brit Milla festival meals to create the perfect joyful and sacred atmosphere for your family!

You can find out more information or to book an event, visit their website 


3.) The Chef’s Table

Bruce Soffer and Ava Lang are the creative forces behind Chef’s Table.

They bring a unique touch to any event the create.

Bruce envisioned Chef’s Table to be a distinctively different type of catering company, and clients have applauded this vision.

Although they have built their reputation serving cuisine like that found in the finest restaurants,

Bruce and Ava know that there is more to a truly memorable event than just terrific food.

We instantly fell in love with the chef’s table. When they first listed with us on, their creativity and passion for food really stuck out with us.

Every event that Bruce does, he does with passion and excitement. Finding a Kosher Catering Company in Brooklyn that has that much passion for what they do can be hard.The Chef's Table kosher catering in brooklyn

Turn to The Chef’s Table and you won’t be disappointed! 

You can see more, by visiting their listing here:

Follow them on social media:


4.) Paprika

Looking for something different? Looking to spice up your Simcha with a little Israeli flare?

Paprika, is that something! Discover our number 4 pick for Top Kosher Catering Companies In Brooklyn.

They offer a blend of traditional Mediterranean dishes using the absolute freshest ingredients. Their mantra is present in the food; 

platter from paprika kosher catering in brooklyn


“life happens at the dinner table and in keeping our Jewish traditions as an integral part of our living, we can bring people together to cherish it. So sit down, love one another, and enjoy delicious quality kosher catering from our home to yours.

Paprika has been one of Brooklyn’s top Kosher Catering Companies offering only the freshest quality ingredients all the time. They will truly enhance your next Simcha!

They are easy to get in touch with, just visit their site:

Follow them on social media:

5.) Glatt A-La-Carte

This Kosher Catering Company and restaurant need no introduction even though we will give it to them 😉 

Glatt A-la-Carte has been a staple in the Brooklyn Kosher Catering scene since the beginning. As one of New York’s first high-end Kosher restaurants and catering companies, Glatt A-la-Carte will truly enhance your next simcha.

Their staff are knowledgeable and friendly and can help you with every part of the simcha. 

The food is also some of the best you will have at a Simcha! 

Everything from the presentation to the service you’ll never find anything finer.

Glatt A-La-Carte a brooklyn kosher catererThis is why we’ve ranked them as the best of the best!

You can get in touch with their staff for a quote by visiting them

Follow them on social media too! :



6.) Turk Caterers 

Have you discovered this gem?  When we did it was amazing! Turk Caterers comes in at number 6 on our top 10!

Bentzion Turk has been at the helm for 17 years and has catered everywhere from Niagara falls to Guatemala! The best thing about Turk Caterers, their ability to create and modernize food for an amazing dining experience

Turk Caterers kosher catering

We loved how everything tasted so fresh! 

They do all events, from big corporate parties to tiny simchas!

The team at Turk Caterers will make your next simcha one to remember. 

They really go out of their way to make your Simcha a blast! 

Next time you want something a bit different get in touch with them.,

Follow them on social media:


7.) BBQ Events By Yiddy

BBQ’s have started to become a big trend in Kosher events! Yiddy is a que master like no other! While it’s not your traditional catering style, it sure will be a surprise for your guests! 

When you bring him and the team out to do your next event, they do it right! Coming with all the meats, sides, topping and more to make your next simcha more than ordinary.BBQ Events By Yiddy kosher catering in brooklyn

BBQ Events By Yiddy, is also a current vendor with us on If you want to add some fire to your next kumzits, Sheva Brocha or even a wedding, definitely consider Yiddy.

As they say, if you can think of it, “We’ll show up with the grill” We highly recommend BBQ Events, By Yiddy for your next Simcha and this is why they have made the list as one of our top Kosher Catering companies in Brooklyn, New York!

To get the team at your next simcha, check out their listing

You can also follow them on social media here:

8.) Simply Divine

Their name says it all, and their mission does to “ We create an unforgettable event experience through our innovative culinary approach that just happens to be Kosher.”

When our team went to an event recently catered by Simply Divine, we were blown away by everything. 

The food, the presentation, the staff and everything in between, the food was absolutely amazing! 

Simply Divine Catering is one of Brooklyn’s premier Kosher Catering companies.

Simply Divine catering

They cater all events big or small. From Bar Mitzvahs, Kiddushim all the way to corporate events, they will blow you away!

Discover for yourself why they are “Simply Divine”

When you use them for your next Simcha, you won’t regret it. They also make finding a venue super easy.

Simply Divine is partnered with over 28 high-end venues that accommodate your Simcha!

To get a quote, visit their website:

9.) Esprit Events

Esprit Events are one of New York’s, more eclectic catering companies. Their team of chefs never cease to inspire with the work they do! 

We recently went to an event and all we could say was wow! Esprit caterers did a fantastic job. If you want to add a splash of fusion to your next big Simcha, Esprit is your team! 

Esprit Events a kosher brooklyn caterer

They pride themselves on customer service and each event they do is tailored to fit your needs.

With rich menus and extensive vendors and venues, they’ll be able to handle your next simcha!

Esprit gets our vote for one of Brooklyn New York’s top catering companies!

They are under the Hashgacha of the OU.

To request a quote from one of their friendly staff visit their site:


10.) Richter Caterers 

Stylish and beautiful experiences! That’s the first thing you see when you come across out number 10 vendor on the list! 

Richter caterers, another vendor who is listed on, is the ultimate catering experience! 

Richter Caterers 

They leave no stone unturned when putting on your simcha! They will cater any event anywhere! 

We found our experience with Richter caterers to be above and beyond, The food, the presentation and the staff were all exceptional.

Each event they do, is all done for you! You’re the boss. We highly recommend Richter caterers for your next simcha. Whether it’s big or small doesn’t matter they’ll make you feel like a king!

To request a quote you can visit them online at

You can also follow them on social media :


We hope you have enjoyed our hand-picked list of the top-rated Kosher catering companies in Brooklyn.

Simcha planning doesn’t have to be hard. This is why we exist.

With, we are your hub for all things Jewish events. From brit to wedding it’s all here. 

Discover your vendors by visiting

Mazal Tov- 

-The Gosimcha Party Planning Team-


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