Who Are We

The Story Behind Gosimcha.com

Gosimcha.com was conceived as an idea to help Jews make Simcha and event planning easier. Everybody loves to attend a Simcha, planning on the other hand can be overwhelming.  Thank Gd we are always making Simchas and events. Sometimes in our own cities other times out of town. Gosimcha.com was created to help people all over  the world find the right vendors they need to enhance the Simcha of the event! Built by an out of towner himself, Zeesha Littman and team have created this site to be the hub for event vendors in the SImcha and Mitzvah space,.  

As a team of marketers, designers and content creators, we set out to build the ultimate resource for anybody anywhere in the world making a Jewish event, or Simcha. 

We offer our users the best content on their vendors to get better understanding and transparency to better asses who they will be using. From our vendor podcasts to blog articles our team ensures that you as the consumer know who you’ll be working with. All this to enhance your Simcha

Meet The Team

Zeesha Littman, Creator

Creator is a great word to describe Zeesha. From a young age he has been designing, creating and hustling. His energy knows no bounds. Zeesha has a background in digital marketing, film creative writing, sales and business development. He strives to live b’simcha because as we say in the office, you can’t sell what you don’t believe in. When not working, Zeesha likes to learn Torah and spend time with his wife Ilana and their three girls Tamar, Emuna and Tzofia. Zeesha is also the principle of GS Media Solutions a marketing agency that’s works with Non-profit organizations.  


Michael Osborne, CMO

Meet Michael! If there is one thing you should know about Michael it is that he hates bios. Marketing literally anything else comes as second nature, he just can’t write about himself. Outside of GoSimcha, Michael spends his time as an activist and always makes sure to carve out time to spend with his family.

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Chat With Us

We love to shmooze! If you'd like to get in touch with us, feel free to reach out by email! We have so many to choose from. Info@Gosimcha.com or reach Zeesha direct at Zeesha@Gosimcha.com

Our Phone Number

We are available 24/6 to answer all your questions,comments and concerns,. If you'd like to become a vendor your can reach our customer service team at this number: 646-401-0086

Our Offices

We have two branches one in the US and one in Israel. Our US address is 14115 Winchester, Oak Park Michigan, 48237 Our Israel offices are located at Nachal Nitzanim 16/1 Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

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