The Five Tips You Need To Know When Planning A Bar Mitzvah In Israel

Mazal Tov! This is an exciting moment in not only your sons life but you as the parents as well.

Nothing could be more special than making the Bar Mitzvah in Israel!

However, as we all know planning a simcha in Israel is never easy but lucky for you our team at has you covered with the top five tips you need to know for planning a bar mitzvah!


One of the toughest issues when making a Bar Mitzvah in Israel is travel.

Finding flights and arranging everything for all the family members to come from all over the country can be a bit insane!

All the more so, finding a price that you can afford.

Well, their is a solution to this! Gosimcha Travel!  You can find the best rates on flights for the entire family making sure nobody will miss this major milestone.,

We’ve partnered with Travelor, a leader in the travel industry to make sure your family can all make it over to Israel for the big event.

Once everybody has the flights booked now it’s time to find the perfect hall.


Once you’ve landed, it’s time to put your bags down and go out and explore all that the holy land has to offer.

Finding the perfect hotel or apartment close enough to the Kotel, where you’re Simcha will be taking place is key to enjoyment.

We’ve solved that problem as well. Gosimcha Travel can also be a big source to help find the best rates on hotels for the entire family.

The Hall

When making a bar mitzvah, most people like to do the event at the Kotel.  It’s a wonderful experience.  They give you an aliyah, dance with the Torah and make the whole event very memorable.

Now, after all is said and done it’s time for the Seudah. While their are many fine dining establishments near and around the old city, many opt for a nice venue to host.

One in particular that happens to be right above the Kotel Plaza is ” The Simcha Hall

This venue offers an amazing view of the entire western wall plaza. The also offer a full in house catering menu of delicious and rich Israeli dairy menus.  This coupled with the proximity to the Kotel, makes this hall a great place to continue the experience.


Now that we’ve made it to Israel, we’ve found the hall, it”s time to make this memory last forever ( at least until the wedding)

Finding the right photographer to capture the big day can be difficult. With the language barrier and culture barrier, using an Israeli photographer might not be the most ideal.

Having a photographer who understands your vision, culture and event can make all the difference in the world.

One photographer that comes highly recommended to those coming abroad is Eugene Weisberg Photography   

Eugene has been working with Anglo clients from overseas for many years,. His expertise is Bar Mitzvahs at the Kotel and he can capture your special moment perfectly.

Putting It All Together

Coming to Israel,  making a simcha, what could be finer! In order for it to go off without a hitch make sure you have a party planner.

Israel has many wonderful Anglo party planners to help with your sons big day. We personally recommend Malky Neumann 

Malky brings many  years of experience to your Simcha. Her careful attention to detail are what sets her apart.

By having the right party planner on hand with you, you’ll be sure to have Simcha that you and your family will remember for ages.

The party planners job is to make sure things go smoothly. So you know your in good hands!

Wrapping Up

Now that all is said and done, the party is over and everyone is getting ready to leave you can reflect on this once in a lifetime experience.

The best part is,  with these quick tips you know what to do for the wedding! Planning a Simcha is never easy. Our goal at is to make sure you can find everything you need all in one place.

Making you life easier, and your event that much more enjoyable.

Next time your family makes an event in Israel you’ll be prepared, you can even say your seasoned veterans!

From all of us here at we wish you Mazal Tov!


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