Top 5 Themes For Bar and Bat Mitzvah Parties!

Having a theme for your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your event. Think of things that interest you such as hobbies or a favorite sport and go with it! Almost anything can be turned into a theme for your party. So, be creative and imaginative! Using a theme can be a wonderful way to liven up your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah without taking away from the meaningful and spiritual experience it is meant to be. It makes picking out invitations, decorations and party favors easier! If you are having trouble thinking of a Bar Mizvah and Bat Mitzvah party theme, here are a few popular ideas to jump start your imagination.

Sports Theme

Whether your favorite sport is football, baseball or hockey, a sports theme for a bar and bat mitzvah  is a great way to show your passion for sporting events. Get balloons in the shape of baseballs or footballs to hang at the entrance of your hall and invite guests to come suited up in their favorite team jerseys. Instead of a guestbook, have guests sign tennis balls, hockey pucks or a baseball bat. Even serve sports themed food such as Kosher hot dogs or sport themed cookies in different shapes.  

Israeli Theme

For some, traditional is the way to go. Use a blue and white color scheme for the decorations and party favors. Tables can be named after different cities in Israel and Israeli flags could be used as centerpieces. Chocolate Chanukah coins can be sprinkled on tables for the finishing touch.

Candyland Theme

Everyone loves candy. Sweeten up your gathering by using decorations with a candy theme. For unique floral centerpieces, fill vases with jellybeans and stick flower shaped lollypops into them. You can also look online and find a whole variety of different candy centerpiece ideas that you can make at home. Brightly colored balloons can resemble hard candies and are perfect when scattered around the venue. Hand out bat/bar mitzvah personalized chocolate bars as gifts your guest will love. Using bright colors for the table linens and other decor will give your hall the candyland feel you are looking for.

Mystery Theme

Everyone loves a good mystery. Give your party a Sherlock Holmes mystery theme. Cut out black footprints and tape them to the floor from the street into your hall. Hand out tiny magnifying glasses as favors for guests to use while looking for clues. Organize a scavenger hunt and award prizes to the winners.

Music Theme

Music is another incredibly popular choice among boys and girls… Liven up the party with a music theme by using a musical instrument as your centerpieces and decorating the tables using old records with menus printed on. Decorate the hall using music notes and other related music props. Even an old record player and boom box can add that extra touch.  A themed Bar/ Bat Mitzvah can be huge fun but it can also be a big financial strain. Remember to put things into the right perspective and make sure that your son/daughter are involved in the decision- making. Everyone wants the Bar and Bat Mitzvah boy and girl to have a wonderful party! Feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to start planning this milestone? Contact Weddings By Totally Tanya to plan your Bar/Bat Mitzvah from A-Z. Call TODAY! WEDDINGSBYTT.COM  


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