Top 5 Sheva Brachot Ideas Trending Now

Sheva Brachot is the time after the wedding where we get to spend some quality time with friends and family and enjoy the couple in a more intimate setting rather than with a few hundred other guests. Are you wondering how to be a bit different and perhaps unique while creating a Sheva Brachot? Here are a few ideas you can explore.

Home Style

Most Sheva Brachot are made at someone’s home. This the most common place to have a Sheva brachot. How about spicing things up by creating a themed Sheva Brachot that you know the couple would love. Think of something that could work and create name places and mats for the table according to the theme. Have the kids take part in the fun. This is guaranteed to be the best time everyone will have while creating the theme and then the joy seeing the couple having a great time.

Restaurant Setting 

Restaurants can be a great place to have a Sheva Brachot. Most restaurants have private rooms that can hold anywhere between 20-50 people. Here all the cooking is done so that you can concentrate on the décor you would like and what kind of ambience you want to create for the newlyweds. You can get creative and have fun with different color schemes. The sky is the limit.

A Hotel Hall

Hotel halls can be a great place to do a Sheva Brachot. Most hotels have smaller halls made exactly to suit this purpose. They are intimate enough to create the feeling you want while getting everything catered for you, food and décor under one roof. This is definitely a great option for all the busy people who just don’t have the time to create this evening on their own.

Out of the ordinary

If you are looking for something different, why not hire a boat for a few hours and have your Sheva Brachot on the shore or set sail for a few hours and enjoy the sea air. The boat can be docked or taken out for a few hours. This is definitely something special for a couple who would enjoy this kind of Sheva Brachot.

Outside and Fun

Another great setting for a Sheva Brachot could be in a small boutique outdoor venue. There are stunning vineyards or even private villas that can be hired out for this. Bring a gourmet chef of your choosing and enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family in this beautiful setting. The couple would love this Sheva Brachot!

Are you creating a Sheva Brachot in the near future?

Do you still feel that this would be overwhelming for you to create on your own?
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