The Top 3 Tips To Giving The Perfect Gift

Finding The Perfect Gift

Easier said than done right? Not quite.

Finding the perfect gift for any simcha can be very difficult. You don’t want to get the wrong thing and not know if their is a return policy?

What if they don’t like the color? Or they have 5 Lazy Susan’s already!

Lucky for you, our friends at Timeless Table Brooklyn are here to help!

Check The Registry

When gifting for a wedding, always make sure that you check the registry.

The worst thing is when you show up to the shower and everybody brings the same gift!

Every couple has things that they absolutely want and things that they just put on.

Timeless Table of Brooklyn, specializes in creating the perfect gift registry for your couple.

With a plethora of stock, you can find everything you need to outfit your entire home.

Think Practical.

Many times when gifting, we buy what we think the couple would want.

In actuality they might not have space for certain things or use for them.

For example, a couple gets engaged and wants to move to Israel, taking appliances and housewares, might not be the most practical idea.

Or if you live out of town.  One of the great things that timeless table offers in their innovative gift registry is shipping all across the country.

Always Include The Receipt

As we’ve mentioned previously, some gifts are just not practical due to the situation.

I know this from personal experience.  I got married over 8 years ago and was planning on moving to Israel.

We got tons of gifts that would have been nice, but we just didn’t have the room in our suitcases.

While it doesn’t sound classy, giving the receipt will be a big life saver in case you need to return things.

My wife and I spent many hours back at the store returning things, Boruch Hashem we had the receipts.

We’ve found that Timeless Table offers a great return policy. For those gifts that you just don’t have space for.

Gifting Smart

These three tips have really come in handy over the years for me and I hope they will help when aiding future gift giving.

Gift giving is a wonderful thing, everybody loves to get stuff. Doing it smart, saves you time, saves you headache and just increases your overall Simcha!

So next time you are at the store or shopping online remember these three tips!

We should only have Simchas, bracha and mazal as we enter into the new year!

From all of us here at, Shana Tova U’metuka!

Meet The Author

Zeesha Littman is the founder of Gosimcha,.com and GS Media Group.

Using his personal experiences in the Jewish event industry, he writes quick witty articles to give more insight on what to look for when planning simchas.

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