Get The Exposure You Need, To The Market That's Always Looking!

In the Jewish world, events happen everyday! Whether its a Brit, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Birthday or Wedding, Everyday is filled with Simcha! Get the exposure you want, to the market that’s always looking! Discover the power of and how you can join our community!

Maximum Exposure,Minimal Price

Simple Pricing To Give You Maximum Exposure

We offer our vendors more exposure to a very targeted and concentrated market that is the Jewish communities around the world! That being said we are a very marketing driven company backed by over 10 years in the internet marketing space. We drive traffic through highly concentrated Jewish audiences on Facebook, Instagram and email marketing campaigns. 

Annual Plan

$ 300
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Promo Video
  • SEO Optimized For Optimal Search Results
  • Optimized For Marketing
  • Contact Info
  • Social Links


Do You Guarantee Business?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions potential vendors ask. The answer is simply no. We do not guarantee business. We guarantee you exposure to the concentrated market that is the Jewish community worldwide. This enables you to get more reach to people who you would never know how to get to.  

But You Only Have 1500 Followers On Instagram?

Followers do not lead to business. Just because you have 2M followers on social media doesn’t mean they are real. We are building a community to service those looking for event vendors to enhance their next Simcha. Our concentrated following base are all like minded people looking to connect with you! 

Will I Be Automatically Billed At The End Of The Year?

Before your subscription is up, we will send an automatic email reminder letting you know that your listing will expire within 1 month. We will than send you a breakdown of how your listing performed. Than you can choose to renew!  

Why is it so inexpensive?

We believe that everybody needs exposure. In the ever growing event industry, people need to know whats new. We created to be a hub to connect vendors and customers and even vendors with vendors. 

Planning a Simcha Or Jewish Event Soon? Not Sure What To Do?

Download our ULTIMATE GUIDE to planning any major Jewish event with ease!