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Jun 27
Episode 44: Behind The Scenes With Avrumy Holzcler

This week, Zeesha sits downs with up and coming singer Avrumy Holzcler, who has just…

Jun 20
Episode 43 : Behind The Scenes With Yitzy Berry

Zeesha sits down with Yitzy Berry, producer, arranger and composer to learn his story.

Jun 13
Episode 42 : Behind The Scenes With Avraham Fried

Avraham Fried joins us this week for season 2 Episode 2 of Gosimcha : The…

Jun 12
Episode 41 : Behind The Scenes With Shlomo Simcha

One of the greatest Jewish stars to ever come out of Toronto, Shlomo Simcha returns to…

May 19
Episode 40 : Behind The Scenes With SJ The Rapper

SJ, or Shmuel Tannenbaum as he is know is  a Rapper and Freestyler who's been…

May 09
Episode 39 : Behind The Scenes With Dovid Pearlman

Episode 39 kicks off with Zeesha sitting down with the young singing sensation Dovid…

May 05
Episode 38 : Behind The Scenes With Doni Gross

After taking a break for Passover, we start back up with episode 38.Episode 38 opens…

Apr 17
Episode 37 : Behind The Scenes With Chaim Dovid Berson

Chaim Dovid Berson is an internationally renowned cantor. Chaim Dovid Berson has given…

Apr 11
Episode 36: Behind The Scenes With Mendy Weinreb

This week we sit down with singer, songwriter and musician Mendy Weinreb to learn his…

Apr 04
Episode 35: Behind The Scenes With Michoel Pruzansky

Episode 35 is a very special episode!We finally got Michoel " Pruz" Pruzansky on the…