Beyond The Simcha | EP. 1 Azamara DJ’s

Go Simcha Podcast
Go Simcha Podcast
Beyond The Simcha | EP. 1 Azamara DJ's

This week we kick off our new podcast, Beyond The Simcha. This show gives you an in depth behind the scenes of the Jewish event industry with none other than the vendors!

Each week, we’ll be sitting with a different vendor to get a better understanding of their craft and what goes into making the best event you see as the finished product.

On episode one, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Jeff Neckonoff, founder of Azamara Entertainment and Event Solutions.

In this episode we will talk about :

  • Jeff and his amazing story
  • How to Entertain a crowd!
  • Putting on a memorable simcha !
  • Why hire a DJ?
  • Plus so much more.

Jeff also makes a special offer for all those looking to make a simcha in the near future.

Tune in and let’s go “Beyond The Simcha”

You can find Azamara Entertainment as a listed vendor here, on 



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