No Simcha Is Complete Without A Magnet Photographer!

Ever heard about a memoristic magnet photographer? If you ever been to a Simcha in Israel you must know by now that there is no Simcha without it! One thing we know is that Israelis have mastered the art of joy, therefore it only makes sense to borrow their best event ideas. is the leading provider of magnet photography services in NYC Tri-State area, transforming your event photos into magnetic memories on the spot. Hadar Burger, Memoristic Productions’ Founder, is often get asked: “Do I really need a magnet photographer in addition to my event photographer?” Every big Simcha in Israel has a still photographer, a videographer, and a magnet photographer! The truth is you need all the three, Hadar explains. A still photographer will document your day, a videographer will capture the story as it unfolds, and a magnet photographer will engage the crowd, lift the energy in the room, and create memories that stick long after your event has ended.

So how does magnet photography work?

The professional magnet photographer roams freely and mingles with your guests to capture candid moments. Then, with some memoristic magic behind the scenes, the magnet technician turn those photos into high-quality photo magnets and overlaying them with your personalized magnet frame design. The event photo magnets are then placed on a magnetic board for the guests to take home as a one of a kind event souvenir. Next day, your guests will send you pictures of your event photo magnets on their fridge!

Professional Magnet photography is still in its infancy in the U.S. but Hadar believes it won’t take as long as everyone who experiences it immediately falls in love with the service. You and your event guests will never pass the fridge again without taking a walk down memory lane.

For bookings, visit, call 347-699-0632, or email at Mention Simcha, and book before September to receive 10% discount of Memoristic packages.



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