More Information, More Bookings For Simcha Vendors

More Information, More Bookings!

For a while now, I’ve wanted to write this post for our Simcha vendors on

Boruch Hashem, we keep growing and with all our great Simcha vendors we keep going strong.

One of the common questions I always get is do you have featured listings?

What is a featured listing you may ask? It’s when you pay more to get ahead of everybody else.

At, we aren’t fans of this concept and in this article I will explain.

Setting Up A Proper Listing

We created our site and listings to act as a mini simple website for our Simcha vendors.

This enables people to come, view their information, and get in touch directly to book them.

Each listing is also optimized for SEO ( Google search) helping you appear in the top pages of Google ( Pretty cool right!)

The simple way Google search rankings work is the more information you have on your page, the more key words it picks up.

When you send over all your information, one line about what you do will not do your business any Justice.

I often stress to vendors and clients alike, that the more information about you online will give more transparency which makes selling yourself super easy!

Takeaway number 1 : The more information you provide, the higher you will rank on Google and the more likely people will give you a call.

Quality Images

As a vendor, you are trying to sell yourself to people who could potentially be a client for life.

In the Jewish world, you make a wedding with one caterer, you’ll use them for life. So much holds true with every other vendor.

By providing quality images, you are showcasing a perfect product. You are displaying your craft in the highest form and giving prospects a glimpse into your world.

Your pictures and videos tell a story about a business that is passionate about what they do. By giving this over to your potential customers you are selling them on the experience of working with you and that’s all it takes!

Takeaway number 2: Quality images and video, will bring you help tell your story better, sell your service and merit you customers for life!

Clear Messaging

This isn’t Instagram! make sure in your listing you have display a clear message of exactly who you are and what you do!

By creating a nice tagline to add in your listing, people will know and understand what you are all about.

Keep it simple, keep it strong.

Takeaway number 3: Make sure you give over a clear message. It wins every time!

Putting It All Together

Now you have gone through this, you have filled out our vendor intake form and can safely say, your listing will be a winner!

The goal is transparency. The more people know about you and what you do, the sale will be so much easier.

And in case you didn’t think we don’t practice what we preach, the reason I put up videos on social media about everything we do is simply to build transparency!

By putting a face with a name, you increase your sales, you increase your brand awareness and people will gravitate to you!

Until next time…

About The Author

Meet Zeesha,  he is the founder, CEO and Principle of and GS media group.

With over 10 years in sales, marketing and business development.

Zeesha loves to offer insights to businesses in order for them to effectively market themselves.

If you’d like to get a better understanding of your business or become a vendor, get in touch with Zeesha directly.




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