I'm a Rapper and Freestyler who's been performing for over 12 years. I can rap about any word or topic on the spot without any preparation beforehand, as long as I have a good beat to rap over (whether acapella or from a device). I keep my lyrics and subject matter clean and meaningful, while also being fun to listen and party to. I believe in keeping the great sounds and beats of rappers like G-Eazy, Logic, Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly, Drake, Lil Dicky, and Meek Mill just to name a few, while taking out the subject matter that is dirty and meaningless (i.e. drugs, alcohol, talking about women in a sexual and derogatory way, etc.).

At corporate events, dinners, parties, bar/bat-mitzvahs, etc. I am able to freestyle on the spot about the bar/bat-mitzvah child, honoree, or anyone who is the subject of the event and/or their friends and any topics or words they choose. This is very entertaining both for the person/s being honored and their guests.

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