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We Specialize in Making You Feel Beautiful


    My name is Aliza Itenberg, and together with my daughter Leah Sarah Chusid, We are IC Beauty.

    A full service hair , wig and makeup salon for all events.  We operate two branches,  one in Queens, New York and the other in Jerusalem, Israel.

    I am a licensed cosmetologist, specializing in hair, wigs, and professional makeup applications for over 30 years.

    I have worked with clients from the age of 2 to 95 so far..haven't hit 100 yet but I hope too.

    We specialize in making you look YOUR absolute best ,glowing, radiant, and gorgeous, are often adjectives used for our clients at their events. Including appropriate hair and makeup for the shidduch resume picture.

    I also offer full courses to teach women how to apply their own makeup, take care of their wigs, or become Professionals in the field of beauty themselves

    We also offer a full course to teach you how to style your own wigs.

    Let us make you look beautiful for your next simcha!

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