Esther Freeman is an accomplished performer who brings incredible energy, a beautiful voice, powerful stage presence, creative song-writing and true meaning to the stage. Born and raised in Miami Florida as the 5th child to a lubavitch family of 7, Esther displayed musical ability at a young age and portrayed a real desire to inspire. Having refused an option to become a singer on the radio at 14, Esther was not dettered from her musical aspirations and decided to use it as a means to bringing others closer to Judaism. She began composing music and writing her own lyrics, accompanying herself on guitar and piano over 10 years ago. Since then, Esther has electrified audiences across the globe, in Amsterdam, London, Sweden, and throughout the United States. Esther's music ranges from slow soulful ballads to high-energy songs and are accompanied by personal stories and deep Jewish concepts bound to capture, inspire and warm the hearts of her audience. What unites all of her songs are the meaningful lyrics that reflect her desire to share the beauty of Judaism with the world.

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