Kosher Food in Dubai? Yes, it is true! Thanks to Elli's Kosher Kitchen.

Traveling to Dubai is made easier now that you can receive kosher food at your hotel in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Elli produces fresh, home-cooked food out of her kosher kitchen in Dubai, ensuring that you get wholesome meals while you explore the city and desert. Shabbat meals are also provided and you can order a travel kit consisting of challah, kiddish juice, and candles, as well as spices and candle for havdalah. Elli also caters for special events such as brith mila, simchah bat, and bat/bar mitzvahs. Have a fun and memorable family holiday, indulge in luxury for your honeymoon or celebrate a special simcha in one of the beautiful settings in the UAE. Elli's Kosher Kitchen is putting Dubai onto the kosher map!

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