Our Mission Statement
Based on the vision of the late Pilzno Rav, Rabbi Yosef Singer zt’l, the Pilzno Community has been actualized by Rabbi Yehoshua
At Pilzno, our mission is to help individuals, groups and communities to become shalem b’gashmiut (physically whole) and shalem b’ruchaniut (spiritually whole), through applied programs and services tailored to fit each individual’s needs (see Resources).

Our main messages are:
– Having an emotionally healthy and mindful lifestyle with clear communication.
– Furthering and fostering unity, inclusion, commitment and community.
– Maintaining a steadfast devotion to Torah values.

In Pilzno, we are passionately engaged with inspiring others to grow and strengthen themselves. Inner strength allows for fuller,
more exciting and healthier lives.

Hours of Minyanim:

Sun-Fr :

Shacharith 6:30am, Maariv 9pm, Mincha 20-40 minutes before shkiya; Shacharith Rosh Chodesh 6:15am


Mincha 20 minutes before Shkiya, Shacharith 8:30am, Mincha 12:30pm -w 1pm - s, Mincha 40 minutes before Shkiya, Maariv 25 and 45 minutes after shkiya

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About our Congregation
The congregation of the Pilzno Shul is made up of a dynamic mix of individuals who cannot be defined by shirt colour, type of kippa or style of hair covering.

At Pilzno, Ashkenazim and Sefardim, Olim and those born in Israel, Baalei Teshuva and those born into religious homes can all find a welcoming environment.

In our congregation, full-time learners daven alongside company CEOs. Teenagers, doctors, mothers, professors, writers and film-makers are just some of the many exciting people that make up our vibrant community.

Rather than seeking to define ourselves by externalities, the Pilzno Shul is defined by our efforts to create an atmosphere of Jewish unity (achdut).

About Our Beit HaMidrash
The activities of the Pilzno Shul take place in our Beit HaMidrash, Beit David Pilzno, which was founded in 2010 (5770) as a one-room shul that seated 30 people.
Beit David Pilzno was expanded in 2012 (5772) to seat 100 people, along with a kitchen, separate men’s and women’s bathrooms, two offices, and central air conditioning.
We strive to keep the Beit HaMidrash clean and orderly, returning everything to its proper place.

About Our Tefillot: 
The main language of our Shul is English.

On Shabbat, we daven Nusach Ashkenaz Eretz Yisrael and during the week the nusach of whoever leads the tzibur.

The general atmosphere of the Pilzno Shul is one of warmth, positivity and friendliness, whilst maintaining the seriousness and decorum.

On Shabbat the Rav gives a short drasha on Friday night in either Hebrew of English (alternate weeks). On Shabbat morning, there is a short shiur in English following davening.
There is a kiddush after Shabbat morning tefillah.

About Pilzno: 
We strive to keep the Beit HaMidrash clean and orderly, returning everything to its proper place.

Rabbi David Singer Z’al, the Pilzno Rav was an eighth-generation descendant of Rabbi Abraham Gershon of Kitov, the brother-in-law of the Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Hasidic movement.

Rabbi Yehoshua Gerzi, the leader of the Pilzno Shul, spent six years with the Pilzno Rav, and received from him a tremendous amount of Torah learning and practical exercises that form part of a direct mesorah from the Baal Shem Tov.

The Pilzno Shul is founded upon this mesorah. In particular, the Pilzno Shul derives its inspiration and focus from the Arba Yesodot of Pilzno and the Avodah of Da’at about which Rav Gerzi regularly teaches and lectures.

The Arba Yesodot:

The Arba Yesodot are four areas which form the basis for living a healthy and balanced life, in harmony with our Creator’s intentions for us and the natural order. They are:

Guidance – The importance of having one or more mentors who influence and guide our growth and development
Knowledge – The importance of knowledge acquisition, integration, application and creativity.
Relationships – The importance of surrounding ourselves with a supportive network of friends.
Physical and Financial Health – The importance of expending the necessary time and effort to be physically and financially healthy.