The room is an open room that means if you want to just rent it and bring your own caterer or do your own cooking you're more than welcome. to rent the room on weekdays it's $550  weekends and holidays its $750. however if you want me to cater for you and I only cater Dary .
if you guarantee me 30 adults on a weekday and 40 adults on a weekend and holiday then the room is free
There are three packages
A $23.50 package a $25.50 package and  a $30 per person all three packages come full linen service with dishes
the only additional charge is the cost of waiters ,waiters are not included with any packages. waiters will run you $100 a waiter, plus tip
and I do not accept credit cards for the party room

The for the $23.50 package  you get two courses or call them starters
then your guest we'll get a choice of pasta entree grilled vegetables will come as a side and ice cream for dessert
Next Step Up is $25.50 for that you get two courses or starters
a choice of pasta or a choice of fish for your entree
With the pasta grilled vegetables will come as a side and for the fish grilled vegetables and a starch will come as a side and ice cream for dessert.
The Next Step Up is $30
the difference between the two packages is you have two choices of pastas for the entrée and two choices of fish for the entree and ice cream and hot chocolate chip souffle for dessert waiters are not included with any package with all packages you have a choice of linen everything is served on real plates Cutlery and glass thank you if you have any questions at all please call or text
In order to save the date please bringing a check made out to Palace Cafe , and in the memo put deposit for and date that you're interested in.
I do not deposit that check unless somebody else wants the date you want and at that point I call you first ask you if you want the date and  should deposit the check or rip up the check


The 17 and a half dollar package gives you three Hots and a salad and there's always enough food according to the amount of people I'm catering for.

The Hots can consist of anything except fish examples are, pastas, eggplant, Pizza, french fries ,soup
for every additional hot option it runs $2 a person.

for every additional salad option  its dollar fifty a person
if you want wraps as a option its $two-fifty a person and, if you want a fish option it's $6.50 a person.
ice cream is a $1.5 a person, chocolate chip souffle and ice cream is $3.50 a person

As far as the amount of food you get  everybody leaves with more than enough food the difference between  parties is the amount of options you choose.


Time allotted for parties
If you have the first slot on Sunday ,parties start either 11:30 or 12:00 . Ending at 3:15 everyone must be out of the room by 3:15.
If you have the second slot on Sunday you can start as early as 5:30 parties go for 3 hours.
For weekdays or party starting on Sunday after 5:30.Parties cannot start later than 7:30 and their duration is 3 hours.
Saturday night when Shabbos is out early parties can start around 7:30 and last for 3 hours, However party starting later cannot go past 11:30
If for some reason parties last longer than 3 hours with permission from management it will cost you $20 an hour extra per waiter.


2603 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210, USA

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