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    Yarmulkes and Kippot and more like Bentchers, Ketubahs, Swag and merch for your simcha

    For generations, Skullcap Co. has been the largest yarmulke source in the world. We design, cut, sew, and personalize all of our kipot in our famous factory in Brooklyn, NY. We carry a huge selection of Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or Wedding Yarmulkes for every occasion. There’s a Kippa available in every size, fabric, and design to suit your fancy. We proudly supply bulk yarmulkas to many schools, synagogues and organizations across the US and abroad, as well as to Judaica retailers and synagogue gift shops. To top off your event, we also offer an array of taleisim, lace head coverings, benchers, and other accessories pertinent to a proper Jewish event. TOP THAT!!
    Skullcap Co. kippot adorn Jewish heads everywhere. For over fifty years, Judaica retailers and their customers have come to appreciate the value we stitch into every kippah. Looking into the future, we strive to become the most reliable source for Judaica articles for every Jewish celebration. Whether it is our signature yarmulkes and taleisim, stunning prayer pamphlets, or delicate lace headgear, Jewish simchot are complete when Skullcap Co. takes part.

    Our signature A-1 Skullcap has become internationally recognized for its exclusive quality and impeccable detail. It is available in an extensive selection of fabrics, including classics such as regular satin, bridal satin, moiré, velvet, linen, knit, silk, wool and velour. They are also available in contemporary textiles such as leather, suede, foils, brocade, burlap and felt. The A-1 Skullcap can also be ordered in our specialty yarmulke styles, including custom prints and sports themes. Choose from an astounding range of colors to suit your taste, or match the color of your party décor. Once you submit your custom order, each of your A-1 Skullcaps is manufactured in five individual stages to achieve A-1 results.

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