Less Stress More Simcha | How To Enjoy Your Next Jewish Event

How To Enjoy Your Next Jewish Event!

Mazal tov!  is a common saying heard almost all the time in any Jewish community everywhere!

A Jewish  event takes place nearly everyday in the Jewish world, and their is nothing better than experiencing that Simcha (joy) with all your loved ones!

But, now comes the hard part, planning!

Finding all the right vendors that fit your needs, contacting them, knowing about them and making sure you’ve made the right choice can take that joy and turn it to stress.Happy couple after Jewish wedding Event

Welcome To Gosimcha.com

Stress is the last thing you need when planning any Simcha, trust me just ask my own mother! With that in mind keeping things simple is the perfect way to make sure your Simcha gets planned without a hitch.

When I created Gosimcha.com, I had one thing in mind, KEEP IT SIMPLE! If you can have all your vendors under one roof, why waste time asking people, phoning dead leads and making more headache for yourself.

The concept was very simple, as the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it'”

Our entire concept is modeled after two highly successful giants, The Knot and Wedding Wire. While they focus on mostly the secular world, we have created a hub for vendor in the Jewish and Mitzvah space where the sole purpose is to connect Jewish people to vendors who know their market!

We’ve given our users the tools they need to plan a Simcha, with less stress so they can save time, save the headache and just enjoy the party!

For Vendors

What do our vendors gain from being part of this hub?

I have taken my years of marketing and media knowledge and brought that into Gosimcha.com

We offer our vendors firstly, the cheapest website they will ever pay for! Along with being in one central place that is constantly being visited and searched for quality vendors to fill Jewish events!

Beautiful table arrangement at a Jewish Event Our team also goes full on with the marketing, bringing our vendors to a level of exposure to Jewish customers from all parts of the spectrum and events.

My goal was to give vendors exposure to a market that is hard to crack and give them the ability to get the gigs they want. By joining our hub, the listing is more than just a name and contact, it gives full transparency so this way potential clients know exactly what they are getting.

Quality Over Quantity

All vendors who join Gosimcha.com are verified!

What does that mean? Simply by paying our yearly fee of only $200 it shows that the vendor is serious about the work they do.

All vendors are vetted by our team to ensure quality service. Our goal is to make your life easier. Why work with people who aren’t qualified.

Discover all our quality vendors today by visiting our site!

Enjoy Your Simcha

Now that you’ve found your vendors, booked them, and wrote the checks, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy!

From our team to your family, we wish you Mazal tov, with blessing and joy to continue having only Simchas in the future!



About the author

Zeesha Littman is the creator of Gosimcha.com and GS Media Group.

Zeesha has brought his years of experience in marketing, media and sales both from the Jewish and Secular worlds together to create Gosimcha.com.

If you’d like to get in touch with Zeesha to become a vendor he can be reached at Zeesha@gosimcha.com.

Or if you’d like to schedule a discovery call to better understand your business and how to effectively market yourself, contact Sean@gosimcha.com





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