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The podcast that takes you on an in depth journey of the Jewish music and entertainment industry.

Hosted by Zeesha Littman, this show goes behind the scenes to learn more about your favorite artists and entertainers, learning their stories and how they have gotten to where they are today!

Episode 45 : Behind The Scenes With Aryeh Kunstler

This week Zeesha sits down with singer, songwriter,and band leader and guitarist extraordinaire Aryeh Kunstler.

Aryeh’s musical career has spanned many years.

In this weeks episode, we discuss his music, his talents, and many collaborations with some of Jewish musics biggest names.

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Avraham Fried on GoSimcha The Podcast!

Episode 42 : Behind The Scenes With Avraham Fried

Avraham Fried joins us this week for season 2 Episode 2 of Gosimcha : The Podcast.

” I can finally retire after 40 years now that I have come on Gosimcha : The podcast”

Fried opens up the show jokingly! 

This is a very special interview as we discuss how this music has transcended over  4 decades and still has tremendous influence on the world today.

Sit back and listen as we go behind the scenes with Avraham Fried.

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Episode 41 : Behind The Scenes With Shlomo Simcha

One of the greatest Jewish stars to ever come out of Toronto, Shlomo Simcha returns to his roots with both Hebrew and English songs, even evoking the feeling of the “Aish” series, which he recorded with fellow Toronto legend Abie Rotenberg.

Shlomo Simcha rose to unprecedented fame by pairing traditional chazanus with contemporary styles.

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Episode 40 : Behind The Scenes With SJ The Rapper

SJ, or Shmuel Tannenbaum as he is know is  a Rapper and Freestyler who’s been performing for over 12 years. He can rap about any word or topic on the spot without any preparation beforehand, as long as I have a good beat to rap over (whether acapella or from a device).

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Episode 38 : Behind The Scenes With Doni Gross

After taking a break for Passover, we start back up with episode 38.Episode 38 opens with Zeesha sitting down with Doni Gross.Doni is a well know producer in the Jewish music world. He has produced and composed and contributed to many well known albums.As we enter into Sefira  it becomes the time for A Capella music. Doni Sits down with us to talk music, Torah and the magic of A Capella.

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