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The podcast that takes you on an in depth journey of the Jewish music and entertainment industry.

Hosted by Zeesha Littman, this show goes behind the scenes to learn more about your favorite artists and entertainers, learning their stories and how they have gotten to where they are today!

Episode 33 : Behind The Scenes With Sruly Green

Sruly tells us how he got started singing in choirs. He is the nephew of Lipa Schmeltzer who had a big influence on his singing and musical upbringing.Sruly describes how he was in many choirs, and really didn’t think it was for him.

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Episode 24: Behind The Scenes With Eli Marcus

Welcome back to Gosimcha: The Podcast, we are up to episode 24 and the second of the new year.

In this weeks episode, Zeesha sits down with the one and only Eli Marcus!

Eli Marcus sits down with us to talk about his families rich musical history.

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Episode 23: Behind The Scenes With Yosef Daniel

In this weeks episode of Gosimcha: The Podcast, Zeesha sits down with an up and coming artist, Yosef Daniel Villarreal.

Yosef tells us of his incredible journey from Corpus Christi, Texas all the way to the holy land of Israel. 

It was no easy journey for Yosef, as we learn of his spiritual journey coming closer to Hashem and Judaism. 

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Episode 22: Behind The Scenes With Chony Mileki

In this weeks episode, Zeesha sits down with Chassidic musician and producer, Chony Mileki.

Chony discusses how he grew up in Australia with limited resources to learn music. 
He also talks about his previous works and his studio. We also discuss his latest album ‘The Great Farby’

We learn how every moment can become a farbrengen and what went into creating this Jewish masterpiece. 

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