Five Quick & Easy Tips for Choosing Wedding Colors

Color Matters

It’s no surprise that choosing wedding colors is one of the most challenging choices of the wedding process. The color scheme sets the tone for the entire event, and is reflected in everything from invitations and décor to the bridal party’s attire and even the wedding cake. With so much to consider, the process can be overwhelming. So how do you choose your wedding colors? I have assembled some tips and tricks to help guide you through this puzzling process.

1. Use your Venue for Inspiration

Relying on your chosen venue for inspiration is a foolproof method when deciding on wedding colors. Venues usually lend themselves to one color scheme or another. For example, a wedding hall might scream for some small adjustment to create the ambiance you are looking for, while an outdoor garden might need nothing more than a few soft and simple accent colors. Time of day is also critical. Dark and moody colors might suit a grander venue at night, while a light, bright and fun scheme might be the perfect accompaniment to an intimate or rustic daytime event.

2. Think Seasonally

Find inspiration and set the mood with a seasonal color scheme. Your choices don’t have to be predictable, but your colors should fit logically within the realm of the season. The general rule is light and bright for spring and summer and dark and dramatic for fall and winter. Remember to choose colors to compliment your color palette. 

3. Keep Details in Mind

Many brides-to-be have some piece of sentimentality they’d love to incorporate on their big day. If you have a favorite bloom, a special piece of décor, or unique or sentimental attire in mind, base your color concept around that which is most important. Try not to base your concept around an extraordinary shade that will be nearly impossible to reproduce. No need to complicate things unnecessarily!

4. Stay True to Yourself

If you’re fully stressed by the entire wedding colors process, take a simpler approach. Think about colors you are drawn to usually. Your color scheme will set the mood for your event, so it’s important that it represents you and your partner personally. Steer clear of colors you would never wear or include in your home or personal space.

5. Do your Research

When it’s time to choose your wedding colors, surround yourself with plenty of inspiration. In this digital age, there is a lot of information readily available. Don’t worry if colors come out slightly different than what you expected. Not everything has to match perfectly, and what you are worried might clash might in fact be the perfect color for some character. It’s important to relax and soak up the memories on your big day.


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