Always Making It To The Family Simcha

Always Make It to The Family Simcha

Boruch Hashem, we are constantly overwhelmed with family simchas!

It can be every week another mazal tov! Shmuel’s bar mitzvha, Leah’s wedding, Stevens engagement party.

The hard part is, how do we make it to all these simchas on time and in an affordable way?

 Welcome to Gosimcha Travel!

To answer the question is simple!

Welcome to Gosimcha Travel. The best and affordable way to make it to every family simcha without missing a beat!

We’ve partnered with industry leader Travelor, to bring you the best deals on everything from flights, hotels to car rentals.

” Over the years, more and more people are traveling out of town for weddings and other family simchas, it can get expensive to bring the entire family in.  Also having your friends share in the joy is always fun. Until now, it was very costly to find flights and accommodations for people” I created Gosimcha Travel as a means to bring more joy to people who want to just simply share in the Simcha. ”

 Finding The Best Deal For You

With Gosimcha and Travelor, we are able to bring your family the best deals on the internet as Travelor is an official partner with and

This enables them to vet you the best deals on flights and hotels all over the country and world.

For most who want to make an affordable simcha in Israel, now it can be possible.

Discover For Yourself

Discover Gosimcha Travel for yourself and see just how easy it is.

Now when your cousins, brothers aunt makes a wedding out in Lakewood, the entire family can attend and know they have flights, cars and hotels covered!

This is just another way that aims to be the hub for everything you need and more to make planning a Simcha, easy and stress free!


About the author

Zeesha littman, creator of Zeesha Littman is the founder and creator of

He brings his years of experience in sales, marketing and the Jewish event world to

His goal is to help you simplify the planning process so you can sit back , relax and enjoy your simcha!

If you’d like to become a vendor with you can email today!



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