About Go Simcha

Gosimcha.com is the first international Jewish life cycle guide for planning any event you could possibly need! Because contrary to popular belief there are Jews outside of New York

Go Simcha is the brain child of serial entrepreneur Zeesha Littman who has started two successful media companies and is the host of the GoSimcha Podcast! Which takes an in-depth look and goes behind the scenes of the Jewish music and entertainment world along with behind the scenes looks at what goes into to making the perfect simcha!

At Gosimcha, we are big believers in AMAZING user experience and wanted to create a platform to provide our visitors with the tools they need in an easy to use way and also provide our vendors with the best platform to host and market themselves for maximum exposure to potential clients!

What separates us from the rest is our abilities to strategically market our vendors to those who are looking for them! Via email, social media, marketing and SEM!
That’s right! We take care of all the marketing for you, so you just keep doing what you do best! Making People happy!

We should only have simchas together and continue to be….